Find a solution for your industry

We build a CRM solution designed to meet your industry’s unique needs and help you with streamlining customer interactions, improving sales processes, and running marketing campaigns.


Deliver the digital-first banking experience to your customers


Disburse loans faster, improve borrower's experience, and team's efficiency


Improve agent’s productivity, manage quotes, and automate workflows

Higher Education

Streamline admission process and communicate smartly with potential and admitted students

Training Institutes

Amplify enrolments by simplifying student journey and day to day centre

Marketplace CRM

Onboard more sellers, keep them engaged and manage their entire lifecycles

Vendor Onboarding

Modernize and streamline the onboarding experience and set your new vendors up for success


Increase your patients’ intake, manage patient records, medical history on a single platform

Real Estate

Digitize end-to-end processes, from managing incoming requests to preparing price quotes, from selling commercial real-estate to property management

We integrate your CRM with all the tools, you use and love

Build your pipeline

Operating an enterprise is full of unknowns, surprises, and challenges, particularly when it comes to forecasting future earnings. That is why it is essential to have a trustworthy indicator of how much new business is arriving your way. Manage marketing activities across all channels to attract ideal customers.

You get marketing and sales aligned through a 360° view of your customer. Maximize ROI on your lead generation campaigns. Leverage powerful social and email marketing capabilities to engage prospects. Ridge Tech assists you to find the right sales opportunities & sustains your sales measures to boost your chances of success.

Develop creative and compelling marketing campaigns

Successful campaigns rely on targeted marketing to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time on the channels of their choice – text, WhatsApp, email, call, self-serve portals, social and more. 

By using an omnichannel software platform, modern marketers can merge, create and automate multiple marketing initiatives such as greater personalization, integrated customer journeys and drive more leads.

Through our marketing automation, you can capture leads from various sources (chat, landing page tools, third party apps etc.), and sync data with your CRM application.

Increase first-time-fix rates and boost frontline employees’ productivity

Field service management software improves agility and efficiency. It schedules and dispatch technicians, track their location and let them access their work through a mobile app.

AI-informed automated schedule optimization will help dispatchers perform better troubleshooting and improve field resource quality and productivity.

Get actionable insights, share critical data, and access real-time remote expert support.

Bring value and engagement through your Customer Portal

A customer portal is a personalized website offering unified point of access to relevant company information, knowledge base and self-service options.

Allow users (prospects, customers, partners) to access portal on mobile for self-service on-the-go.

Deliver superior customer experience through features like paperless data collection, application tracking and payment integrations.

Effectively measure your sales productivity

Sales performance management helps to monitor allotted quota to determine and recognize success and nudge employees to drive more sales.

Tracking sales performance sets you up to meet or exceed your company's revenue goals.

Turbocharge your sales engine with real-time visibility into performance, commission information, and on-time pay-outs.

Trusted by many companies

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